Meeting documents

January 2011

  1. Meeting document

    Other questions. Maritime Labour Convention, 2006: Preparation for entry into force

    31 January 2011

    This note which was submitted to the Committee in November 2010 as document GB.309/LILS/7, summarizes the information and advice provided at the meeting of the Preparatory Tripartite MLC, 2006, Committee in September 2010. The final report of that meeting is appended to the present document.

  2. Meeting document

    Ratification and promotion of fundamental and governance ILO Conventions

    31 January 2011

    This paper, which sets out information regarding developments on the ratification of the fundamental and governance Conventions, was submitted to the LILS Committee at its session in November 2010 as document GB.309/LILS/6. On that occasion, the Committee decided to postpone examination of the document. The present document contains an addendum which summarizes information received from Governments since November 2010.

  3. Meeting document

    Audit questions - Follow-up to the report of the Chief Internal Auditor for the year ended 31 December 2009

    31 January 2011

  4. Meeting document

    Global Dialogue Forum on New Developments and Challenges in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector - Final points of consensus

    27 January 2011

  5. Meeting document

    Evaluation of the action programmes on health services, public services, telecommunication services and utilities

    27 January 2011

    Implementation of sectoral action programmes in four sectors from 2006–10; the self-evaluation process.

  6. Meeting document

    Other questions - Urgent repairs

    26 January 2011

    This paper provides information on urgent repairs to the electrical infrastructure of the ILO headquarters data centre

  7. Meeting document

    Evaluations - Independent external evaluation of the ILO’s evaluation function

    21 January 2011

  8. Meeting document

    Effect to be given to the recommendations of sectoral and technical meetings - Global Dialogue Forum on Vocational Education and Training (Geneva, 29–30 September 2010)

    20 January 2011

  9. Meeting document

    Matters relating to the Administrative Tribunal of the ILO - Statute of the Tribunal

    20 January 2011

    This paper contains revised proposals regarding the adoption of a Conference resolution and an editorial note to the text of the Constitution for the purpose of promoting language in legal texts that is consistent with gender equality.

  10. Meeting document

    GB.310 Agenda, Programme and indicative plan of work

    20 January 2011